Why Ryonet CorelDRAW Classes?

In today’s competitive market very few companies charge for art services. Doing art is where most companies lose money. The longer it takes you to design or manipulate a customer’s art the more money you are losing. Being efficient at using your art programs is the key to getting ahead. Having an art program that is simple to use and does most the work for you is essential.
Art programs can be daunting when you first begin.
What if you could cut that learning curve in half?  Wouldn’t you want to do that for your business?

Ryonet CorelDRAW classes are 1 day, intensive, hands on learning.
You get one-on-one and group instruction in a small intimate setting to help you increase your knowledge and make you more efficient in your design process.
Ryonet is the only Certified Corel training facility in North America.

What does that mean?  Our instructors have all been through rigorous training with Corel to bring you the best training program available for the screen print industry and beyond.

What do you get?
You get training in both CorelDRAW for your vector needs and apparel decoration.

This is a project based course enabling one on one interaction with the instructor.
Curriculum includes: Lecture, sample projects, and independent design.

Sections include:
Working with the interface
Text usage and Fonts
Using the toolbox
Color usage
Editing shapes and designs
Bitmap and Vector Effects
Smart Tools

We not only cover all the tools available but are there to answer any specific questions you may have.

Why a class?
It’s tough these days to find the time to dedicate to learning your art program. You have jobs to get out, family, and life getting in the way. This class will help you to get a jump on your program and your competition.

Similar classes for other programs run $900-1,500 apiece. To get both vector and raster training you can spend up to $3000. Or you can enroll in Community College to learn them, who has time for that?

DVD’s and online tutorials help, but you will have to watch hours and hours to get the same knowledge.
Even then you have to find the time, rewind or replay to see what they just did and you can’t ask questions to a video.

Think of this as another investment into your business. One of knowledge to gain competency and efficiency in what you are able to provide your customer.

Creating high quality graphics without breaking the bank, can the other guy do that?

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